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John Wills – Novelist

February 14, 2013

John Wills is a friend of mine from my Chicago Police gym days. John was a physical phenomonen. He ran 25-mile marathons, and I mean he ran them fast, and he could bench press the rear end of a John Deere tractor. For those of you that are not health freaks, and for those of you who are, most athletes do one or the other, but not both. John took several bullets on the west side of Chicago when he was a Chicago Police Officer and narrowly escaped death. He later joined the FBI. When he retired from the FBI, he began writing. He puts forth the same effort into his writing that he did into running marathons, lifting weights, and his law enforcement careers. He recently released, “The Nightstand Collection”, which is available as an E-book, and it’s FREE. You can’t beat the price, so please give him a read. The information is listed below.

Please enjoy a FREE download of my 5-star anthology on Amazon Kindle: The Nightstand Collection

John M. Wills
Award-winning Author / Freelance Writer
Reviewer for the New York Journal of Books
Read my book of short stories: The Nightstand Collection
(540) 226-9478


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