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Dennis Banahan

Bio: I retired from the Chicago Police Department as a lieutenant after 32 years of service. I was a homicide detective for ten years, and an undercover narcotics agent for another ten, three of which were spent with the U.S. Dept. of Justice's DEA Task Force. After I retired, I wrote a novel titled "Threshold of Pain". I relocated to Missouri and now reside with 15 German Shepherd Dogs and 6 horses.

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  1. Armando G. Ramirez permalink

    Great writing Dennis, I remember both officers and their reputation. I came on in 1977 and cops still talked about them. I worked in Narcotics when you were there, and you too had a reputation as a working cop. Glad I met you. Thanks Armando G. Ramirez Ret. Sgt. OCD,Narcotics

    • Thanks Mando,
      When policemen die, especially in the line of duty, we sometimes tend to exaggerate, or inflate, their living images. You could not do that with Tommy Kelly or Pat Crowley. They were bigger than life, legends while they were stilling working in squad cars. I am humbled that working police officers, such as yourself, regard me as having been a working policeman, but it was the influence of guys like Tommy Kelly and Pat Crowley that motivated me. Thanks for visiting my blog, Mando. Enjoy retirement.

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